A Taste of Paris

Good Morning, Gad Abouts.  Got that cup of coffee? Great!  Remember…every Sunday is a new post on Gad About Gals. This is Movie Sunday.  It’s too early for popcorn, but a hot bagel with cream cheese will subsitute beautifully.

While I was in Paris last week, Bernard Poisson, the delightful French co-author of Walk Paris, and I strolled along some of our favorite Paris spots so you too could enjoy that warm glow one gets in Paris.  Just being there makes you smile.

Here are just a few of the things in the video:

  • The controversial Pompidou Center
  • Stravinsky’s Fountain – be a kid again
  • Hotel de Ville – office of the Mayor of Paris
  • Wallace Fountains – embodies the romance that is Paris
  • St. Severin and the palm tree pillars
  • Rue Montorgueil – see and be seen
  • Ride a Velib – great way to see Paris up close and personal

Walking along the Seine, seeing artists painting and people hanging out, enjoying life will make you want to book the next flight into Charles de Gaulle. And why not? After all, it’s Paris.

Bon Voyage!


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9 responses to “A Taste of Paris

  1. Love the Paris video! This belongs on the Travel Channel.

  2. Linda

    The video is a delight! I will play it again and again until I can take that walk for myself . Until then, it’s a wonderful vicarious thrill.

  3. Beautiful camera work. Bernard is a gem. Thank you for capturing him on video so the rest of us can enjoy his knowledge and charm.

  4. Bernard is truly a gem. He changed the direction of my life in a single statement: “if my English were better, I would write a real guide to Paris.” And that was the birth of The Suzy Guides. Thank you Kathy and Bernard.

    • Bruce Wienke

      Very, very nice, and congrats on a terrific job
      Your travelogue is far better than any of my visits to Paris over the years. The video is great, and
      you both give that special touch and sparkle to it.
      Next time in Paris, I will take it with me and retrack your steps. BTW, the Suzy Guides for
      Paris and upcoming New York and London
      ought be on every travelers shelf — like mine.
      Bon soir. C’est formidable.

  5. Jose

    This video is gorgeous, I have never been in Paris but this video has inspired me to visit sooner rather than later. Thank you for your detailed comments.


  6. Genia

    This is a wonderful video from Paris it shows many interesting details and makes me want to travel there. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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