Kayaking down the River Thames

The Suzy Guides Team was exploring Borough Market a few weeks ago when I spotted this guy who was the spittin’ image of Crocodile Dundee handing out fliers to Kayak on the River Thames. That was too much to resist!  We signed up. Two weekends later, the three of us were climbing into kayaks and paddling our way down the River Thames.

Dave and Carolyn Gregson, owners of Thames Kayaking, offer six hour trips down the Thames beginning from the Windsor Castle area. This is a beautiful and calm stretch of the Thames.  Carolyn provides a healthy and delicious lunch around the four-mile mark. Then, the van returns you to the Datchat Tube Station.

Trips are available 7 days/week from April to October. The kayaks are inflatable, safe transport and no experience is necessary.

If you’re interested in seeing a different part of England than the usual tourist haunts, this is an exceptional experience. Just contact Dave or Carolyn at their website:  http://www.thameskayaking.com to make reservations.


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