Sometimes the Good Luck Fairy deals you a Royal Flush.

In 2006, I woke up to find myself living in Paris on the top floor of a 5 story walk-up. On the floor below, lived an “oh, so Parisian” couple, Bernard, Bernadette and their dog, Lola.

One balmy fall afternoon, the four of us were sitting al fresco watching tourists (a favorite French past time) walk passed the corner café. We were hitting our stride around the third Ker. Bernard turned to me and said: “If my English were better, I would write a real guide to Paris.”  Seems like such a nonchalant statement.  My life was about to take a hard right turn.  In my half inebriated state, I responded with:  “You show me the real Paris, I’ll write the book!”

That afternoon, the Suzy Guides were born.

It was like a first kiss. You know what kissing can lead to, but it’s just too much fun to stop.  Three years later, we’ve published Walk Paris, Walk Beijing and Walk NYC will be out June, 2010.  Walk London is already on the “walking” board.
All of this brings us to Gad About Gals.

Gad About Gals is all about that mature, fun-loving girl who has finally reached the know enough, have enough, can’t do enough stage in her life. She has all the pieces of  the puzzle to enjoy living.
This blog is for you.
Here’s  a place to share your latest find or a great hotel; maybe  a “do not miss” vacation package or the “to die for” restaurant.  I’ll share some of my travel experience, but more as a narrator.  So, I welcome you to share your knowledge with other Gad Abouts who have arrived.

Pack lite

Pack often

Go gals!


3 responses to “About

  1. A.E. Swift

    That’s a great story. I love hearing about how people got the ideas for their book projects. The Suzy Guides sound wonderful and I will definitely check them out next time I travel.

    • The Suzy Guides will launch our new website at the end of this month. We hope you check it out. We’ve added Twitter, videos and blogging to make the site more informative. Thank for your comment.

  2. Roni Miyakawa

    Hey, nice job on the guides! Keep them coming as I look to them when I travel , Thanks! 🙂

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